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The Technique Junkie Newsletter Eighth Year on CD-Rom!
*CD 8 will be mailed on or before 9-28-10
Our best CD ever --  a whopping 100 tutorials!!
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Here are the specifics of the CD:

Step-by-Step  picture tutorials -- with the supporting artwork --for all of the techniques, as seen on the Subscriber-Only pages...

All of the tutorials and artwork have been re-formatted to .pdf  for easy readability!
All of the pages are standardized, easy to read, and laid out beautifully!

Every Tutorial is ready for printing on  8-1/2" x 11" pages!!

That means that you can print each picture tutorial easily, without "cutting off"  any information!

MAC and PC friendly -- it can be viewed by everyone!

No more passwords! You will not have to wait for an internet connection or remember the current issue's password -- it is right there for you!

...and you just HAVE TO have those extra techniques, don't you??

Won't this make a great gift for all of the stampers in your life?

Okay, How much is it?*
Subscribers** receive a special price of $14.95 
That's only $.15 per technique!!  How can you beat that?  As a subscriber, you may purchase additional copies of the CD for $11.95.  All Shipping and Handling charges are included in your payment.
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Non-subscribers:  During the pre-order period only, non-subscribers may purchase this CD for $19.95*! The CD is normally $24.95 for non-subscribers -- that is a $5.00 discount! That's only $.20 a technique!
Would you like the original newsletters with the CD?  You may order both for only $32.95! All shipping and handling charges are included in the $19.95 price.

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*Canadian & Overseas subscribers, send $16.95 US for the CD.
*Canadian and Overseas non-subscribers: $21.95 for the CD

How do I order my copy?
You may pay through PayPal or through the mail.
Please let me know your email address, mailing address.
Paypal payments should be sent to this email address:
Send me an email specifying what you would like and I will send an invoice from PayPal

Mail payments (personal check or money order) to:
Pat Huntoon
Technique Junkie Newsletter CD8
PO Box 16547
Stamford CT 06905

Please make checks payable to Pat Huntoon
Please make sure to include a valid email address

You will receive an emailed confirmation of your order within 1 week of receipt.

Have any questions?  Send me an email:
Now you can own the entire 8th Year of Newsletters
Right on your Desktop! 
No passwords, no internet connections, no slow-loading pages-- just techniques!

You will receive all 90 of the Patstamps Techniques from the eighth year of the newsletter -- covering the 6 issues from 10-09 through 8-10. But that's not all! 
There are also
10 Bonus Techniques on the CD!
That's 100 techniques in all!!
Want to see what the tutorials look like?  Here is an example:
Milk Paint Tutorial
*This is in .pdf format.  It will open automatically if you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. 
NOTE:  This is a large file.

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