Cool Cat -- or -- Cruel Cat! 
You decide!
It all started innocently enough.  I am a dog-lover.  I have never cared for cats (they're too "haughty" for me).  I liked the look of SU's Cool Cat set, though...I liked the Retro feel.  I made a few cards that were "normal."

Then, something snapped.  I started pumping out these cards -- and I had captions in my head!  I even named her (the cat)!  Her name is Princess.

I started sharing my odd-essy with some of my e-friends -- and so it came to where I am here, sharing my insanity with you!  The captions you see are those shared with my friends  (the same ones running through MY head...).

Get a cuppa tea, sit back, and enjoy the Adventures of Princess! This could take a few minutes.

Yes, I have a very sick mind.  Sorry.

Please don't be offended by this little page -- no actual cats were hurt in the making of these cards! It's all meant in good, clean, stamping fun.
This was the first card I made.  Nice, sweet, normal, Retro-inspired.  This is where the trouble began!
Then, Princess took a little Romp in the Bamboo.  But in my head, it was "Albino Kitty" plays in the grass!
You know those cats, they love to jump out at you!
Princesses love glittery things,   right?  Aw, pretty Kitty...
Pretty Uppity Cat...
This is Princess through the portholes (Princess likes to travel, as you shall see!)

You know those evil cats are always watching you...
Oh no!  Princess takes Paris
...Think King Kong.
Hold on's gonna get weird!
That silly cat is taking another trip... yesterday, Paris, today -- the jungle!
Kitty has some trouble...
Do you smell something burning?  It's not kitty cooking...Well, actually, it IS Kitty cooking!  Literally!

This is called "Kitty meets the Cannibal Cats"
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This is Cool Cat has an identity crisis.  or needs therapy.  Or chased the dog away that was peeing on the hydrant. Take your pick! (Okay, it has been pointed out to me that it is NOT the CAT
who needs therapy...
While in Paris, Kitty got Kissed...
After all, who doesn't like a good French Kiss?
....and who doesn't want to Window shop in Paris???
Headline!  Kitty Escapes! 
Kitty escapes and is teleported from the jungles of Africa to the beauty of the Alaskan landscape, where she enjoys a pleasure cruise along the Pacific Coast...
Kitty relaxes after therapy..

Okay, Kitty has had a long day....she goes home and relaxes in front of the fireplace -- the only question is: 
Will Kitty have a hangover?

The name of this one is:
"Kitty gets Loopy"
Finally, Kitty dreams...
At Last!  Kitty falls into a martini-induced sleep (some cats just can't hold their Vodka!) and dreams a pleasant dream...
Make sure to look in Kitty's mouth!
This is called:  Kitty goes to Heaven!
Travel Time again for Kitty!

This time to visit the beautiful Hawaiin islands. 
I call this "Kitty gets Leied."
While in Hawaii, Kitty stops by the internationally-renowned "World's Largest Pineapple" at the Oahu Welcome Center. Here she poses for her "Kodak Moment" (after all, Mommy is a Scrapbooker!)
Not one to sully, Princess takes advantage of the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific and takes a dip -- but don't worry, she has a life preserver!

Wait -- can cats swim????
Time to leave the shores of the pacific and go to one of Kitty's other dream destinations -- Memphis!  Kitty is going to meet Elvis!
This one is called:
Kitty gets Rhythm!
Travel Weary, but full of beautiful memories, Kitty comes home. Oh No! She finds her apartment a total disaster.  What is it?
While at home, Princess finds a new toy...but didn't MaMa cat ever tell her not to play with plastic bags?
It's a Good Thing Cats Have 9 Lives!
There goes another one of those lives!
There was a frog in the jar, but Princess ate it!
This is called:
  Curiosity Killed the CAT!
Kitty has been getting Fan Mail!  (and lotsa marriage proposals, too, but we'll get to that later!)
The most commonly asked question is:  "What does Kitty do to Relax?"

Well, First, Kitty loves to bowl.  Around the league, they call her "Pin-cess".
...and she enjoys a good game.  Especially during March Madness!

Princess took in a game this week, and as usual, managed to get herself into a little scrape.
Poor Princess!
..she also enjoys the past, and is an avid genealogist.  Princess is posing in front of a family portrait here -- as you can see, her family goes wayyyyy back!
Princess is not always nice, you know!  sometimes she has disagreements around the neighborhood.  This little scuffle was over someone named "Bruno".
Could it be LOVE?
Wow, internet dating really works!
Has princess found true love with Bruno?

Does she feel the love, or is she in it for the gifts? 
And finally...
You just never know where in the World Kitty is...
Think "Where's Waldo"

Where's KITTY???