Sokz in the City

The Adventures of Sokz, Everyone's Favorite Sock Monkey

Warning: I have a sick and twisted sense of humor. If you have visited my
Cruel Cat page, you know that sometimes a stamp takes hold of me and won't let go until I get it out of my system...poor Sokz. Such a nice Sock Monkey, She really doesn't deserve this abuse!

Page Dedicated to Alex -- I told you I would do another one day : )
Meet Jokz, Sokz' husband.
Well, what did you think? Oh you!   I bet you thought...well, Sokz is just NOT that kind of girl!
7 Months Later...
Oh No! Sokz's exploits have hit the evening news!
all those you are defacing a mailbox. don't you know it is a federal offense? Sokz, what else did you do when you drank all those Margaritas???
Well Sokz, what did you think?  All that Banana Supreme and all those Margaritas had tons of calories!
Sokz is happy to be home to hang with her peeps~!
Mama Sokz meets you at the airport...she has alot of good advice for her darling Sock Monkey. Do you think Sokz is listening?
The end of the evening, and back in bed, and so many bad dreams! You know Banana Supreme does not agree with you, does it now, Sokz?  Don't worry, soon the nightmares will be over and it will be time to wake up and go home!
Oh but nothing is better after a day of shopping than a gourmet meal.  What is being served? why it looks like Banana Supreme, Sokz favorite! Oh, but Sokz! Don't eat too many...
Nothing rejuvenates like the power of sleep.  Sokz is up early the next day,, out on the town, shopping the day away. See here? She already found the most perfect Little Black Dress!
She's fallen and she can't get up!  EEEEWWWW, those sidewalks on the streets of New York are Yukky!  You better take a long cold shower when you get back to the hotel, Sokz!
Oh no! Too many Margaritas! Really, Sokz, you do not look so good. Do you need some help getting home? HOW MANY did you have, anyway? I count one...two...three..four...five...six, oh heck, Sokz! BAD MONKEY!
After all that, what girl wouldn't need a little drink? Cheerz, Sokz! Careful, Sokz, no-one likes a drunken monkey!
Oh no! Sokz took a taxi from the airport and it was rammed in the back by another Taxi! Won't those illegal aliens ever learn how to drive?
You better get out, Sokz -- I smell fire!!!
Meet sweet Sokz. Such a sweet, sweet Sock Monkey.  Really, she is in the top 5 of all Sock Monkeys ever. Or is She???

Sokz is taking a weekend trip to New York City. She is ready to paint the town RED! Come join us...
Until Next time... home home

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