Thank  you to the Technique Junkie Design Team:

Lisa Somerville, Lead Senior Designer

Kimm Bennington-Thompson, Senior Designer

Vada Schutz, Senior Designer

Kathie McGuire, Designer

Ann Clack, Designer

Shelly Hickox, Designer

Jane Bosi, Designer

Judy Jackson, Designer

Evelyn Spikes, Designer

Chris Dickinson, Designer

Cathy Yamashita, Designer

Hetty Sanders, Designer

Gerrie Johnnic, Designer

Beth Norman, Designer

Deb Lovett, Staff Writer

Vicki Romaine, Staff Writer
My collection for you...
When I am putting together each issue, it
is like creating a unique collection. I
create some of the techniques, gather
and try others. I turn each technique
over in my mind and compare it to the
other techniques I am considering. I think
about how each works with the other,
the supplies each needs; the style they
convey, and most of all, how I think YOU
will like them.  In the end, I put them
together and offer my collection to YOU.
Thank you to the many contributors to
this issue. Please take a moment to
review their contributions listed below
the artwork links.

We have translated the techniques onto
scrapbook pages, for this issue, too.
Check out the Subscriber-Only pages to
see what the Design Team has done.
Make sure to try the Sketch Design, also.
It is the easiest yet!

I hope you enjoy my collection this issue!

Happy Stamping!
Pat Huntoon
Antique Wallpaper

Background Whimsy - Copic Method

Background Whimsy - Dye Ink Method

Copic Expressions

Double Duty Melted Wax

Etched Fossils

Faux Dominos

Faux Etched Copper

Faux Metal

Faux Stained Glass

Glimmer Marbling

Masked and Markered


Pulled Glimmers

Up and Over

Online Bonus Technique:
Cricut and Stamp
June/July 2010
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