Crystalline Paper

Drunken Pearls

Dye 'n' Buff

Faux Filmstrip

Gel 'n' Acetate

Masked Frames

Masked Rainbow

Masked Shapes

Mother of Pearl

Sectioned Retiform

Online Bonus: Penscore Primer
My most sincere gratitude to the people who have contributed to this issue:

- Judi Hays, who contributed and filmed the Crystalline Paper Technique.

- Julie Poe, who contributed and filmed the Dye 'n' Buff Technique.

Margery Albillar, who contributed and filmed the Penscore Primer.

- Holly Craft, who contributed the Masked Frame Technique.

-Janice Tinklenberg, who contributed the Mother of Pearl Technique.

Corinne Mihlek-Brzys, who suggested the Gel 'n' Acetate technique.

- Kelly Schroeder, who edited the website.

Randi Leeds, who processes subscriptions and keeps me as sane as possible.
...and thank you to 2004 Turbo Team....

Connie Babbert

Jackie Bache

Susan Caplan

Laura Carboneau

Linda Hosey

Elizabeth McAndrew

Leigh O'Brien

Connie Piotter

Brandi Powell

Lisa Somerville