Bottle Cap Embellishments

Embossed Puzzle Pieces

Faux Metallic Magic with Faux Glossy
Black Paper

Faux Hammered Metal

Faux Paper Aging

Faux Paste Paper

Floating Image:  Radiant Pearls Method

Floating Image:  "Cut-Out" Method

Marbleized Pastels

Poppin'  Rub-ons

Online Bonus:  Tea Bag Folding
Congratulations to the 2004 Turbo Team:

Their wonderful artwork is featured in this
issue, and will be throughout the 2004 year:

Connie Babbert
Jackie Bache
Laura Carboneau
Susan Caplan
Linda Hosey
Elizabeth McAndrew
Leigh O'Brien
Connie Piotter
Brandi Powell
Lisa Somerville
February/March 2004
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